How to setup Tomcat in Eclipse

In this tutorial, we provide a step-by-step guide on how to setup and configure Tomcat in Eclipse.


  • Eclipse IDE (Mars release)
  • Java 1.8


Download and install Apache Tomcat 8 using this tutorial.


Open eclipse, Window -> Show View -> Other -> Servers

Click “OK”.


Inside Servers view, right click -> New -> Server -> Tomcat v8.0 Server

Click “Next”.


In the next screen, browse the tomcat installation folder that you just installed in Step-1 and set the default JRE as the following:

Click ‘Finish’.


Now your server will be shown in the Servers view as the following:

In order to check the configuration of the server like (port number, log path … etc), double click on the server in Servers view:

You can modify these properties any time.


In order to deploy a web application under the new added server, just drag and drop the application to Tomcat v8.0 Server under Servers view.

In order to start Tomcat, right click Tomcat v8.0 Server -> Start

According to the above default configuration, tomcat will be up and accessible through: localhost:8085

That’s it.


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how to drag and drop the application to Tomcat v8.5 Server under Servers view?
not able to do it