How IoT is changing the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Internet of Things is continuously changing the way we work or handle the businesses. The impacts are so powerful and fascinating that nobody can decline them. The connectivity is becoming so strong that it has almost captured every object coming in its outskirts.

IoT is a wide network which aims at connecting the physical devices over the Internet. Any physical device with data transferring sensors regardless of its identity can be a part of IoT. The growth of IoT is expected to reach around $1.5 million by the year 2020.

Enterprise Mobility Management is a method to secure and manage the use of mobile devices and other mobile computing services in a business context. It helps employees to be more productive through providing the necessary tools to perform work-related tasks on their mobile devices.

1- IoT and EMM integration

The EMM got more advanced by the implementation of IoT. The collaboration of IoT and EMM not only brought the devices together but also the respective users, there is no doubt that the combination enhances the benefit of the businesses in terms of cost-effectiveness and revenue.

For example, using Mobility and IoT, the retailer can have the information about their customer and their location in the store through the Bluetooth signal connected to the mobile device. In this way, the retail keepers can place the item in the densest and populated area. Thus, improves the supply chain management.

As organizations adopt embedded and wearable devices within their corporate network, EMM and IoT technologies increasingly overlap. This leads to numerous benefits to employees and companies.

Employees stay always connected and are able to collaborate with each other easily. The sending and receiving of data become simpler and making quick decisions by employees become very feasible based on quick access to specific data. Furthermore, IoT integration opens up opportunities into big data analytics on selected operations allowing business leaders to make better decisions. Most companies tend to enroll their employees into Big Data Certification Trainings to get the insights of business industries.

2- Advantages of IoT and EMM integration

2.1- Refining Security

When a company works with EMM, then there’s always a chance of data or security breaching. IoT can effectively cope with this problem by providing the list of suspects and stats such that the possibility of unexpected error becomes negligible. This can be done by monitoring and assessing the mobile safeguards to identify and plan out the solution for threats.

2.2- Enhancing the performance and productivity

The combination of IoT tool and mobility management helps in managing, monitoring, tracking and controlling the process both on and off the field. This makes the operation streamlined to increase the productivity and efficiency. Thus, the improved performance will degrade the cost and the vulnerabilities which results in an increase in a number of opportunities.

2.3- Improving delicacy

Through IoT and EMM,  employees would learn how to respond quickly to the market trend. This not only makes them act on the spot according to the trend and development but also prepare the effective and profitable business prototype. In this way, the business becomes more adaptable, dynamic and effective in dealing with the ever-changing market.

2.4- Better Predictions

The needs and requirements of the customer are ever-changing and predicting it is a tough job. However, the IoT integration with EMM helps in producing the best solution through monitoring, unlocking and analyzing the patterns and interacting with the customer. Through this combination, the most used feature and function can be tracked such that the business knows how to revamp and improve the services. Companies adhering the technology will be able to adjust with the changing ecosystem by grabbing the insights. In this way, the business will be able to turn the ideas into action.

3- Conclusion

As the internet is changing the vision into reality, it becomes more important to have the right EMM program for secure and effective implementation of IoT. The adoption rate of IoT is growing exponentially along with the mobile usage and if it is coupled with BYOD(Bring your own device) then the need of EMM platform will also grow, to provide the automation with security. However, a serious planning will also be required to determine the need of IoT implemented organization. In addition, AI might become the part of this collaboration to bring out the new innovative next leveled contextual enterprise application.


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