How to rollback deleted records after commit in Oracle

Do you think it’s impossible to rollback your changes after you commit a Delete command? Well, it’s possible.

In version 11g, Oracle keeps snapshots of your table for some time and allows you to rollback to a particular snapshot as long as this period of time is not passed.

This is the command that retrieves a snapshot of your table at a specific time:

In the above command, we retrieve a snapshot of our table as of 10 minutes ago. The “10” refers to the number of minutes back from now, and “1440” refers to the number of minutes of a day.

Suppose you delete and commit some records by mistake at a production environment. In order to revert back your changes, simply create a temporary table from a “5 mins ago” snapshot:

Then, insert back the deleted records to the main table.


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11 months ago

This is very helpful. It works like charm. Thank you for sharing this. Great job Bro!!!!!!!