Serve Static Resources with Spring Boot

In this tutorial we show how Spring Boot serves static resources like (html, js, css) in a web application.

1- Default path for static resources

By default Spring Boot serves static resources defined under the following paths:

  • /META-INF/resources/
  • /resources/
  • /static/
  • /public/

Except for index.html which is served as the root resource when accessing the root URL of a Spring Boot application, this page need not exist under the above paths.

In order to change the default paths of static resources, you can define “spring.resources.static-locations” attribute under as the following:

2- Welcome page

By default, Spring boot serves index.html as the root resource when accessing the root URL of a web application.

In order to define your own root resource, you can map the root path ‘/’ inside your controller and return your own html as the following:

home.html should exist under any of these paths:

  • src/main/resources/META-INF/resources/home.html
  • src/main/resources/resources/home.html
  • src/main/resources/static/home.html
  • src/main/resources/public/home.html

3- Serve HTML files from Controller

In order to return an HTML view from a controller, you need to return its full name plus the extension knowing that it’s located under any of the paths defined in step-1.

Here below we map /home URL to load home.html view:


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11 months ago

how to add a model attribute to the page?