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How to read input from console in Java

This tutorial shows several ways for reading input from a console in Java. Before listing the ways, it’s worth to define System.in as it’s used by most reading ways. System.in is a static field of type InputStream representing the stream which corresponds to keyboard input or any other input source specified by the host machine. 1- BufferedReader The oldest way...

Java – Convert File to byte[]

This tutorial shows several ways to convert a File object to a byte[] array in Java. 1- Traditional way The traditional conversion way is through using read() method of InputStream as the following:

2- Java NIO With Java 7, you can do the conversion using Files utility class of nio package:

3- Apache Commons IO Besides JDK, you can...

Java – Convert InputStream to String

This tutorial shows several ways to convert an InputStream to a String in Java. 1- BufferedReader The common way for generating a String out of an InputStream is through using BufferedReader as the following:

2- Scanner Another common way is to use a Scanner object as the following:

3- Java 8 With Java 8, you can generate a...

Java – Convert InputStream to File

This tutorial shows several ways to convert InputStream to File in Java. 1- Common way The common way for converting InputStream to File is through using OutputStream. You can’t directly create a File object from InputStream. However, you can read the InputStream and write it to a File using FileOutputStream as the following:

2- java.nio (Java 8) Using nio...