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SDLC in practice: practical definition (Part 1)

When talking about process in software development, the first word that comes into your mind is SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). If you ask any software engineer about this acronym he would quickly describe it to you and most probably list all of its phases because simply it is a mandatory course in any university and all you have to...

SDLC in practice: live impacts (Part 2)

Continuing our series about applying process in software development, in this article we’re going to elaborate how applying process would impact positively the software and the team structure. If you don’t have an idea of what i’m talking about, please refer to my first article SDLC in practice: practical definition.

Software design principles

Software design has always been the most important phase in the development cycle, the more time you put on designing a resilient and flexible architecture, the more saving you will get in the future when changes arise. Requirements always change, software will become legacy if no features are added or maintained on regular basis, and the cost of these changes are determined based on...